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of the car or tram!

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senz 300The wind tunnel test

senz° original

The senz° original has been a consistent winner of major design awards in the world.

The senz° original storm umbrella will withstand 100 km/h winds, or 70 mph if you like. In tests they have carried out, they have maxed out wind tunnels and jumped out of airplanes. They have done just about everything to ensure the senz storm umbrella withstands winds up to 100 km/h

senz° xl
The senz° xl is the bigger brother of the senz° original umbrella and is the greatest performer of the senz° family. The senz° xl won the American International Design Excellence Award in 2008.

senz° mini
Strong, stylish and practical, the senz° mini is the foldable handbag version which makes it the most popular of the senz° range. The unique design provides a perfect visibility with the best possible rain protection.


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It makes senz° ...

Umbrellas have been around for centuries and have continued to retain their various design flaws ... for example, turning itself inside-out in strong winds, breaking easily, offering poor visibility and having dangerous metal tips which could be a potential danger to unsuspecting eyes. The design of the old-fashioned umbrella had hardly changed. Until now.
Enter ... senz°.

Gerwin Hoogendoorn, Philip Hess and Gerard Kool, all students from TU Delft Netherlands, designed an unique umbrella which addresses and eliminates the frustrating design flaws we mentioned earlier.

In 2005, Gerwin Hoogendoorn, who was an Industrial Design Engineering student at the time, came up with the basic idea to use an asymmetrical design.  The rear of the senz° is longer than the front as illustrated below and in the pictures.

When a conventional round umbrella is caught by the wind, it will immediately tip so that the wind turns it inside-out. With the senz°, the shorter side always turns to face the wind, meaning that it will actually catch less wind.

Another advantage is that the ribs are hinged at the tips so they cannot break and the strength of the wind is distributed better.

Not only is the senz° umbrella unique and stylish in appearance, it is also practical.

It easily slices through all winds, from an afternoon breeze to strong autumn gusts. Due to its aerodynamic design, the senz° umbrella always finds the best position in the wind. That makes it exceptionally comfortable to use, even in strong gales.

The light but very strong frame prevents the senz° from turning inside out and makes it windproof up to 100 km/h. The senz° original is equipped with a UV protection of UPF 50+, to provide you the best possible protection during all seasons!

Its 'eyesavers' protect your eyes and its smooth oval shaft matches seamlessly with the aerodynamic design of the umbrella.

The innovative opening mechanism has been smoothly integrated in the handle to create a unique experience.

Last but not least, its unique shape provides perfect visibility, combined with the best possible rain protection.

Even in the Antarctic!